EveryDay Surveillance & Safety
Keeping Families Safe

We appreciate the importance of keeping your family safe!

At EveryDay Surveillance & Safety, we believe that it really is all about your security. We're customer-centric and if you're not happy, we're not happy. That is why we try our best to provide the best surveillance and security systems, with excellent customer service to back them up.Not all of our customers have the same surveillance needs. That's why we offer several brands and models of surveillance camera equipment and security alarms, along with the courteous service that you deserve.So, whether you are building a new home, watching over your business or rental property, or looking to feel more safe and secure in your current home, EDSS has something for you!

Who is everydayss.com?

EveryDay Surveillance & Safety (EDSS) is located in Suquamish, Washington, USA and is owned and operated by Marsha L. Ernst.

Marsha is the Managing Member of EDSS and is the gal running the show in the background. After spending time in the US Navy as a Storekeeper, then working in the downtown Seattle corporate world, she is now throwing her energies into finding the best Surveillance Camera deals for families and small business owners. When not working she enjoys walking with her dog and riding insane miles on her road and mountain bikes.